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Mar 05 2012

Well it has been considerable time since I last blogged on this site and for anyone who viewed my site previously it was developed in BlogEngine.net.  The sofware is a very capable piece of software but I had some issues in the upgrading of the site and my XML files started giving me some issues.

Compilation Error: "Title" is not a member

I was brought in to work on an asp.net web site recently that had been written by another company.  I was asked to add some features to their current site as well as to fix some bugs that had been left by the previous developers.  Once I had the site ready I moved this web site project to my staging server and then started receiving this error on a couple of pages.  Now I had chosen to publish the website instead of just doing a copy of the site with the code-behind files as well. ...

DotNetNuke Announces a Professional Edition

Nov 25 2008

On November 11, 2008, DotNetNuke Corporation announced that they would be releasing a commercially supported version of their open source content management system.  DotNetNuke Professional Edition will provide access to expert technical support and value added network services that simplify and optimize the maintenance of DNN Web sites. The announcement stated that the first release of their professional edition would be based on the current 4.9 core release. DotNetNuke Corporation ...


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