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Our journey learning how to write .NET

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IdentityUI has a breaking change in .NET Core 3.0

With ASP.NET Core 3.0, Identity UI was moved to use the new static web assets introduced in this version. With this move there are some breaking changes to be aware of:.AddDefaultUI(UIFramework.Bootstrap4) no longer works.With the new change Bootstrap 4 is now the default UI Framework for use with Identity UI. If you are in need of using an older version of the framework then this can be done by using the IdentityUIFrameworkVersion property in your project file.The overload for AddIdentityUI tha... [More]

How to update a Docker container to the latest version

Having needed to update some Docker containers and getting familiar with how Docker works I though I would post this here so I have it for reference and if anyone else is looking to do the same thing.On my installation of docker I run DotNet Core in containers and with each new update to the SDK new containers get published and it becomes necessary to update them every month or so.As we can see on my installation at the moment the 2.2 versions are 4 months old PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> docker ... [More]

Can’t run dotnet in Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)

Having installed Bash on Ubuntu on your Windows 10 computer, your now looking to create a new application using .NET Core.You start up a windows command prompt and run the bash command or directly run the Ubuntu command from your Windows menu. Once it is up and running you type in dotnet to create a new project and you receive this.As you can see from the image it says that command not found, this will not work but the problem isn’t that the command doesn’t exists unless the .NET Core SDK is not... [More]