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Denied: requested access to the resource is denied

While working on a project I recently was working on pushing up a Docker image to the Docker registry and received the followingThe push refers to repository [docker.io/user/project] 9a6d7cb5cc75: Preparing a7ab0be8f866: Preparing 91b97cbb40f2: Preparing 04e6caa5b49e: Preparing 3bffb3181da2: Preparing 5dacd731af1b: Waiting denied: requested access to the resource is deniedThis did not seem right as I had just previously logged in successfully to the Docker Registry with my username and password.  Turns out that I had not logged in to docker.io only the registry itself so I was not allowed to do what I wanted to do with my Docker push command.I then proceeded to login in with the following commanddocker login –u “username” –p “password” docker.io This will log you in to the correct location in Docker Hub to push your container.Hope this helps.

Visual Studio Docker Debugging failed: Failed to create the certificate

While working on one of my projects that had been working perfectly fine with HTTPS in Docker I had made some changes to the project file and removed a couple of entries one of which was the <UserSecretsId></UserSecretsId> from the file. I never thought much of it at the time. Later I wanted to run the project and I received the following dialog box.I thought that was a strange dialog box to receive as I didn’t think that I had made any changes that would cause this issue to come up.Upon doing a google search to see if I could come up with a resolution to the problem I came upon a bug report for a Docker issue that matched what I was having the issue with. Adding the certificate to the Trusted Root Certificate store failed with the following error: Failed with a critical error.It talked about some other possible resolutions to my issue I tried a few but still had the same issue. It also linked to another bug issue which was similar to what I was experiencing.VS2017 Docker debugging failed: Failed to create the certificateThis more closely matched what I was experiencing and stated about it could be the <UserSecretsId></UserSecretsId> in the project file causing the issue. I placed that back in and my Docker containers started working again.As an experiment I removed it and received a different error this timeSystem.InvalidOperationException   HResult=0x80131509   Message=Unable to configure HTTPS endpoint. No server certificate was specified, and the default developer certificate could not be found. To generate a developer certificate run 'dotnet dev-certs https'. To trust the certificate (Windows and macOS only) run 'dotnet dev-certs https --trust'. For more information on configuring HTTPS see https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=848054.   At which point I put back the <UserSecretsId></UserSecretsId> in my project file and continued working. I thought I would post this and hopefully help someone else having the same issue.

How to remove Kubernetes / Helm support from a Visual Studio Project

So you took a look at some of the new features in Visual Studio 2019 and thought it would be a good
So you took a look at some of the new features in Visual Studio 2019 and thought it would be a good [More]