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How to update Docker on Window Server 2016

Since making the decision to use containers on one of my projects I thought I would start documenting the process of how to work with Docker. Hopefully by sharing my experiences and tutorials on this site people will find them useful.

In this tutorial, we will walk through performing an update to Windows Server 2016 Docker Engine.

Getting Started

To get started, lets first check the current version of Docker Engine that is installed on Windows Server by running the PowerShell cmdlet below:

get-Package -Name Docker -ProviderName DockerProvider
Looking at this we see that we are running an older version of Docker. Using the following PowerShell cmdlet we will see what the current version of docker that is available is.
Find-Package -Name Docker -ProviderName DockerProvider
As you can see I am currently running the latest version available but I will continue so that we will have full procedure available for anyone that is trying to accomplish this and also so that I will have it here when I need to refresh my mind on how to accomplish this at a later time.
Both commands output together, at this time I don’t need to perform the update but will continue on to show how it is completed.

Updating Docker

To update Docker to the latest version run the following PowerShell cmdlet.

Install-Package -Name Docker -ProviderName DockerProvider -Update –Force
After updating don’t forget to start the service back up 
Start-Service Docker
At this time we have an up to date installation of Docker EE Engine running on Windows Server.

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